Designing the perfect boy’s bedroom

We often get questions about how to design the perfect little boy’s room. The key is being flexible. Babies and boys’ bedrooms change and evolve more than any other room in the house as new favourite colours and animals pop up.

It’s all about striking the perfect balance between a gorgeous design that reflects your little man’s personality, and a practical space that doesn’t need remodelling every six months! Here are three of our top tips to help you design a bedroom your little boy will love. 

Choose a neutral colour scheme

We all know kids can change their minds minute-to-minute. Just because they wanted a Superman-themed bedroom yesterday, doesn’t mean they’ll want one tomorrow. So when it comes to designing your boy’s bedroom, aim to create a versatile space that can grow with his tastes. 

Starting with a neutral or muted colour palette and simple furniture means you can easily update the design theme to incorporate your child’s latest interests or hobbies. There are so many different colours and themes to choose from - don’t feel limited to traditional blues or trains! 

Some trending themes that we are loving at the moment include jungle themed, under the sea, and earthy boho tones. 

Personalise the space with accessories 

Once you have a neutral canvas, you can incorporate your little boy’s personality into the space through decor and accessories. This is the fun bit! There are so many great decorations to choose from. Here are some of our favourite room accessories to get you feeling inspired: 

Spinkie Baby canopy for boys:

A Spinkie Baby canopy for boy’s is a beautiful addition to any room. While Spinkie Baby don’t make specific boy’s canopies, they do offer a range of colours and sizes, meaning that if you are considering a Spinkie Baby canopy for boys, there are plenty of options to choose from.

What’s more, Spinkie Baby boys canopies are perfect at any age, these are a staple to elevate the design of your little boy’s room. For example, we love how their Sheer Canopy in Mist really compliments the simple design of this room. 

Super Balloons - Decorative Hot Air Balloons: 

 What little boy wouldn’t want to wake up underneath whimsical decorative hot air balloons in his bedroom? Handmade in Poland and available in over 25 colours, these beautiful bedroom Super Balloons add a sense of wonder and adventure to any boys’ baby room. How great does this trio look! 

Boys’ Bedroom Wall Decals:

Boys’ wall decals are the perfect way to tailor your little boy’s bedroom to their current interests, without committing to a wallpaper or paint colour that they might not like by next year. 

Removable and reusable, bedroom wall decals come in all kinds of designs to suit every little boy. These watercolour dinosaurs are some of our favourites.

Focus on play and involve them in the process

To create the perfect bedroom for your little boy, think about what they love most: play!

Emphasise and encourage creativity and fun through decorations like indoor swings, lots of toys and books. Not only will these keep your baby boy busy and happy, they also encourage physical and mental development. 

If your little boy is old enough, include him in the design process. Involve him in the painting of a wall, encourage him to pick an artwork, or let him choose which toys he’d like to display on his bed. 

The more involved your little man feels, the more likely he is to love his room and feel at home in it, and the less likely he is to want to completely change the space this time next week!  

For more inspiration, browse our collection of boy’s decor, toys and accessories