Which is the best canopy for you? Sheer, Dreamy and Princess Canopies

Dreamy canopy (left) vs Sheer canopyDreamy Canopy (left) vs Princess Canopy

As if life doesn’t have enough difficult choices. Sweet or savoury? Peanut butter or jam? Dogs or cats? Sheer canopy, dreamy canopy or Princess canopy? Wait, Princess canopy I hear you ask?! Yes, Spinkie Baby have gone and made things more difficult by adding their new Princess canopy range!

Spinkie Baby are one of the leading manufacturers of children’s canopies. These canopies are the perfect addition to any bedroom, playroom or nursery. But, which one is best for you? Read on to find out more!

Sheer canopies (right of left picture) are for the minimalist, those of you that love the flair of the canopies but don’t want that over the top kind of look. 240cm of beautifully draping lightweight powernet fabric. These come in a large range of boys, girls and gender neutral colours.

Dreamy canopies (left of both pictures) are 240cm worth of utra soft tulle layers featuring a beautiful gold or silver crown. The Dreamy canopies are much thicker than the Sheer canopies and provide a fuller look.

Princess canopies (right of right picture) are the equivalent of canopy royalty. Measuring a huge 290cm, these canopies are perfect for high ceilings. Made from the same material as the Dreamy canopy, only somehow Spinkie Baby have managed to make these canopies even thicker! And feature a gold or silver tiara.