Timeless kids room décor ideas

Kids room décor trends change so often, kind of like fashion I suppose. So we thought we might try look into some of the room décor ideas that are timeless, that don’t/won’t need changing often at all. One of the main requests we get from the parents is that they want their décor to be timeless enough that they didn’t have to redo it in five years — sure changing some of the soft furnishing, cool pieces that they love (star wars, LOLs etc) but the general design and the furniture should remain the same, I mean how many of us actually have the money to keep changing their kids’ rooms anyway.


We do so many post, stories and blogs on girls’ room, so I thought let’s look at boys’ rooms this time. Actually we have found updating boys’ rooms is actually easier than girls, moving from a little toddler to the “young dude” as they get older and their interests and personality changes. Baby rooms are pretty simple really, and let’s ne honest what newborn or 6 month old actually cares or notices their room décor (we decorate nurseries for ourselves our babies if we are truly honest with ourselves). Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful nursery as much as the next one but when I think about how I might have done things differently I think I would have chosen items that are a little timeless that I can use for all our kids to come 😊 Easier said than done, or is it?


Let’s look at how to create a “room to grow”.

 A room to grow with them.

Colour choice!

This is the important one to get right. You want a colour that’s not too baby [boy] and feels enough “boy” to cover the basis throughout the years. For boys we have seen greys be a great option for transition through the years but a colour that never really dates, it’s kind of like white really. Goes with everything and never looks out of “date”.


You really need to think about the overall feel you want your room to have. Do you want a room that evokes a sense of calm or are you looking something adventurous that sparks imagination, the options are endless. Once you have this overall feel sorted it will make the rest of the room choices (below) much easier.

 Subtle Greys for the Win

Furniture Choice!


The trick here is to buy what YOU like. Again, as a baby, they’ll have no preference or even notice the furniture choices you make, but as they get older, I know they certainly do. My 8-year-old is very clear on what he wants and what he doesn’t LOL. Plus, it’s nice to put things in their room that mean something to them as they get older. As a toddler, they may “need” that chair covered in Star Wars or Bob the Builder fabric, but don’t give in. They change their interest at this age, like they (or we) change their underwear. And let’s be honest, who wants that stuff in their house anyway. It’s not to say they can’t have references to their favourite things in their rooms, just make these little trinkets or pictures you can easily remove or change as their interest also change.


Wooden items and basic white/ grey furniture will see you well into their teenage years. When I moved out of home for the first time, I took my bed and chest of drawers with me (both wooden), so Mum certainly picked the right furniture in my room (in fact I recently gave these to a friend’s daughter who was moving out and that means those pieces have been used for more than 30 years, almost antique – like me LOL).

 Matching furniture will keep the cohesion for years to come.


Matching wooden furniture!

Toys and Accessories


This is the fun bit. Get cooky and personalised with these. They are easily changed as their interests change too. I know my son went through the paw patrol stage and then the ninja turtles (can’t believe that’s still a thing 😊). Trucks and cars and transformers were also a big hit. But now it’s sport – its soccer, rugby and cricket and we’ve been able to change it up easily as we had a good basic and timeless platform to work from (Grey walls and Wooden furniture).  Our Decorative Balloons will certainly work for many years, my 8-year-old still likes his in his room (they are the blue and yellow ones).


I like the idea of having a hero item, just the one, to really set the room apart. Maybe a cool light fitting or a great soft chair big enough for them to lounge in as they get bigger.

 Display their favourite things!

Patterns & Textures


Using patterns is a hard one to get right, especially when you are going for a timeless look. Using different patterns (maximum of 3 IMO) can help to add some fun and personality easily (yes rooms have personalities). I think for boys especially this is almost a must. I highly recommend investing in a good timeless rug. Quality here is important if you want it last for years. Also, some cool bedding that compliments the rugs but it needs to be different to the rug (this is a hard one to get right – image below for reference/ inspiration).

 Cool complimenting patterns.



One thing that’s important to make a room fit for the years to come is cohesiveness. As cohesiveness makes a space make sense and draws your eye to the important things in the room, like the little trinkets, soft furnishings, and the patterns within the room. If you’ve gone for a calm space, then you might want to make sure things are all a smooth and gentle, no harsh edges or lines, a subtle natural palette (soft blues and navies are a great option for boys).

 Blues & Navy are timeless for boys.

Try compliment the bedding with the rug (they can/ should be different). Keep the style to their bookcases/ shelving similar throughout. Use matching furniture like the same wood throughout, matching side tables and keep the toys and accessories within the same/ similar theme, like sports or their favourite TV show or toys etc.


We hope you’ve some ideas in here and you’d like your room showcased on our page just send us a DM at www.instagram.com/verdebaby or email at enquiries@verdebaby.com.au



Tamara Jinks

On behalf of the VB Team 😊