The MUST HAVE Baby Items

Having a baby? Trying to decide what you need? Maybe you’re thinking “I’ll just to get the essentials”. Makes sense!! But WHAT ARE THE MUST HAVES FOR A BABY? Everywhere you look there’s a new “essential” item for newborns and babies. From wet-wipe warmers to electronic bouncers that play music to knee pads for crawling bubs. It’s no wonder we’re all confused. Don’t get us wrong, there are some incredible items out there that make parenting that bit easier – and we are ALL for making it easier – but surely there’s some “can’t live without” items we all must get.

With 4 kids between us here’s our take on what are the MUST HAVES for a baby!


Baby Shusher

This may sound like one of those ridiculously over-the-top baby items I mentioned above. But for us, they were a lifesaver. Both my girls loved a good sssshhhh-pat to go to sleep that first year or so but it’s impossible (and impractical) to sit cot-side all the time, especially in the middle of the night when, let’s be honest, you just want to feed and go back to sleep as quickly as possible. These magic machines provide the ssshhh-ing noise consistently for long-periods of time, which means you can sneak out and leave that wonderful contraption ssshhh-ing away AND they are totally portable so you can put them in your pram or port-a-cot when you’re out and about. Seriously, this was one of our biggest parenting-hacks!

Baby shusher


Cloth Nappies

But not for why you might think … We found these to be a godsend for all kinds of spills – milk, food, vomit (oh it’s glamourous reality this parenthood business). They are a great size to chuck over your shoulder for the after-feed moments, they wash and dry really well and you can buy them in 12-packs from most large retailers at very reasonable prices. Keep a couple in the Nappy Bag and the boot of the car for “those moments”, I guarantee you’ll thank us 😉… actually I still use them and our girls are 2 & 4!


A Great swaddle

This is a trial and error for many parents, but getting the swaddling right is a game-changer. Not only do they get to sleep quicker, they usually stay asleep longer and we can all do with some extra moments to ourselves, especially in those first months. Swaddles are totally a personal choice, my girls loved the Love to Dream ones, but would also be content in a tightly wrapped muslin cloth. There are so many options on the market and this is a great Baby Shower present to ask for so you can try a few before you buy more of the one your little one loves.


Bath Chair

These are really fabulous, once they can control their little heads this allows you to prop bub up in a bath or a tub on the bench and wash them easily and I loved that you could interact more easily with them when they were in the chair. And as they get older, it’s a really good option to put in the bath tub with other siblings.


Easy Baby Carrier

An absolute must have when they’re little. It’s freedom in a pouch. There are so many options on the market but the simpler the better we think. As long as it’s good quality fabric, machine washable and easy to use for BOTH parents then it’s a good option. Don’t feel bad about asking to try them on before you buy it. They usually aren’t cheap but they last. Both my girls used one from my nephews and it was still going strong after 4 babies, so much so that we handed it on to friends. Not everything needs to be brand new, they’re only going to dribble all over it anyway LOL.


Onesies, Onesies, Onesies

You will never have enough onesies in the first couple of years. Yes, baby’s clothes can be divine and there’s certainly a time and place for a fancy little outfit but, trust us, when you’re at home, at the shops or at Grandma’s house onesies are the way to go! Practical, warm and nappy friendly you’ll be very thankful to have a healthy stash of them.


Invest in a Good Thermometer

One item not to scrimp on is a thermometer. This little gadget will be a common tool of trade in no time and the more reliable and easier to use the better. Lots of hospitals and health care professionals have their favourite, so ask your medical team what they’d recommend. Some parents love the no touch forehead ones and others prefer the ear thermometer – but do some research and we think this is definitely one item that you get what you pay for. And let’s be honest, you want to trust what it’s telling you at 2am with a sick bubba in your arms.


Something random…. A Nasal Aspirator

AKA a snot sucker. I know, gross right! But let’s face it, having kids gets you much closer to bodily functions and fluids than you ever thought possible and a snotty baby is the worst. We got given an electronic “snotty” as gift and they honestly ROCK. What you can accomplish with a 2 second suck of the nostrils is impressive. Although it’s a little gruesome to clean (I found running super-hot water over it worked best) they are certainly much easier than trying to wipe a baby’s nose all the time. We still use ours, although only at home, LOL.


Well, it’s definitely not an exhaustive list and there’s obvious items not listed (Cot, nappies, wipes etc) but we think these are 8 items you’ll be very glad you invested in!