Spring has Sprung!

Ok, so winter is pretty much gone and spring has almost sprung! Flowers are everywhere, the days are longer and there’s more sunlight when we are getting ready for school in the morning.

 It’s a gorgeous season, and without question a very popular one (for good reason). So why is spring so popular and what can you do to make the most of it (even in lockdown days/weeks)?

Goldilocks Season

Well, it’s obvious but, the weather is perfect. Not to hot, not to cold – just right. It really is the goldilocks of seasons. So spring is THE season to get out and about, walk your neighbourhood, check out that new coffee shop for a takeaway and one of my favourites (once it’s allowed) is meet a friend at a park with a bottle of bubbles and solve the world’s problems while the kiddies play on the swings. In lockdown we have literally walked every street in our 5km radius many times over, we are fortunate to have great nature trails around us so we often go on a “bear” hunt with the kids (dog prints are the perfect substitute for grizzly bear prints).

 Another thing we have enjoyed doing is making obstacle courses in the backyard. The sun is shining, put some logs on the ground for them to jump over, place some plastic cups (upside down) to run around (like cones in a PT session). Or download a neighbourhood scavenger hunt for the kids to do on the next walk with the dog.

This is one we have enjoyed – they are printable and come with images!

22 Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts - Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids (mycuprunsover.ca)


Oh and we LOVE COSMIC YOGA on YOU TUBE – The Frozen & Disco ones are favourites in our house! Give your self a 10 min break and put this on for your kiddies! #LockdownLifeSaver

Home - Cosmic Kids


Ready for Christmas

Well it might look a little different this year, but September is usually a good month to start thinking about Christmas – what’s the budget, what’s the meal plan, who will come (if allowed), what’s on the wish list and so on. This year we are going to see limited deliveries to Australia from the large companies, so if you usually rely on Kmart or Target  or Myer or BigW then you might need to rethink your strategy and shop small and go with in-stock items is our tip. Trending items for Xmas 2021 include magformers, fidget/stress alleviating activities but dolls and imaginative play will always be on-trend.

Another hot trend at the moment is home décor, maybe that’s because we are spending unprecedented time at homes so people are organising, redecorating and “titivating” like never before. And what better time to do this than 3 months before Christmas. Top tips is to start small, focus on one room at a time – the kids rooms, the bathroom etc.


Spring Clean

There is something therapeutic about getting your stuff sorted. Clear the space to clear the mind. Spring is a great time to donate too as so many families won’t be able to afford much this year, so if you can donate some toys or clothes that might help another family have a nicer Christmas then now is the time, and it feels so good to get rid of shit and donate to charity. One of our favourite charity is Baby Give Back, giving babies and children a safe start to life by providing essential items to families in crisis (link below), because every baby deserves an equal start in life – and we couldn’t agree more.

home – Baby Give Back


Set some goals

Money? Fitness? Spiritual?

No it’s not a New Year’s resolution but a new season’s focus (and yes there’s a difference, no cliches here). It makes sense to me that as world around us changes so do we. I’m certain we all have things we want to achieve and it feels so good to get things done that you’ve wanted to for ages.t

Read that book, take that online art class, meditate once a day. I have found a Sleep App (Calm - The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep) a god send these last few months to help me get better sleep and clear my mind of the daily stresses.

I try to get out for a one-hour walk/run every day (it’s not every day but it’s close) and I find this helps me focus more, increase my energy levels and I’m generally a nicer person after a walk I think.


Acquire a New Skill

For me, I love writing and I’m very keen to publish my first children’s book, but I need it illustrated, so that’s my aim for the next few months, learn illustration so I can finish my book. I’ve written the copy so all I need are the pictures to tell the story.

But I know friends who are really enjoying pottery or poetry or crafting in general. Arts and Crafts are great for kids, finger knitting is fabulous for hand/eye coordination, and they get so excited when they’ve made a bracelet or head band for themselves.

We are working on harnessing and developing emotional intelligence at home (with a spirited 3 year old, I need it to survive I think). We are very lucky to have the Slumberkins range to help us do this in a fun and effective way, the books are simply fantastic and help children internalise big emotions in productive ways. Reading time in our house is very special time, it symbolises down time, rest time and together time.

Ok, so now it’s a little warmer, we are getting out and about a bit more, we are spending quality time together and giving back to the community so others in need have more. Lockdown will not be forever but we can spend this time trying to connect to and find new passions that we will love well beyond the time that COVID is in our lives.