Nusery Trends for 2021! Our Predictions

2021... Here’s to a fresh new year! Hopefully 2021 brings us hope and a sense of optimism we lacked in 2020! Reflecting on 2020, nothing stands out more than the [significant] time spent at home. Time in our spaces, time with our crew, time to take stock! But as I sit here, coffee in hand, looking around at all that we have I know just how lucky we are. Many of our family and friends have not been as fortunate and if nothing else, 2020 has taught us how precious time really is but also how we spend our time and with who we spend it with is just as important.

But I don’t know about you, I’m ready to walk forward from 2020, into this year and one of our favourite New Years’ rituals is predicting design trends for the year to come! 2021 is sure to be a year like no other (again), this global pandemic is set to affect us for quite some time yet and here at Verde Baby we have decided to focus on what we can impact, keep our family as safe and happy as possible and try not to sweat the small things!

Here’s our contribution to lightening the load! Sit back, grab a coffee (or a wine) and check out our Top Nursery Trend Predictions for 2021!


Naturally Glam

Nature is [still] in, but in a totally glamourous, chic way. Natural woods and rich rustic vibes are going to the next level this year. Bold use of botanicals and floral wall decals and wallpaper are hugely popular in Europe and we expect to see this trend continue here down-under. Misty greens with blush or terracotta accents will take this nature inspired theme to a whole new place. Dried or paper flowers, linen duvets or throws and mono-chrome but textural rugs are the ultimate items to add in here! We are so in love with this vibe – this one is not just for the kids, it’s a total interior design trend that is going to explode!


The Canopy Craze Continues!

Without a doubt, the most popular (and easiest) way to transform a nursery, bedroom or playroom in minutes is with a canopy! Whether you want it over the cot, over your feeding chair or hanging in the corner to create a space to read, relax and play - Canopies are the perfect accessory to achieve all this. Girl or Boy, Bright or Neutral, Little or Big Kids - the great thing about Canopies is they quite literally suit any room, any décor, any theme. They are incredibly gorgeous over a newborn cot and all come with ties, so you can easily add a mobile while they are tiny to help them drift off to sleep. By far our most consistently popular item, and not only do they look fabulous, the kiddies love them, they are like magic little cubbies when you’re inside them. This is one décor item you are sure to have for many, many years to come. Our prediction for popular designs this year is the Spinkie Baby Botanical collection, with muted tones and that super lush boho lace fringe are a major winner in our books. BUT the Pink and Champagne Dreamy Canopies will ALWAYS be a top buy too!


Adventure Awaits

Ok, so this one is a FUN ONE! Imagine a winter wonderland, a wilderness expedition, a round-the-world sailing trip – Whatever makes their little hearts sing is a great way to bring fun and adventure into their room. Themed beds, fun wall decals and whimsical items hanging from ceilings all can help to create the perfect tone for adventurous spirits. Planes, lighthouses and fairy gardens are some of the most popular themes we are seeing emerge this year. This is one trend you can start small with and just keep adding until it’s exactly what you are going for – Have fun, this is a favourite of ours!


Scandi-Nordic Heaven

Well, let’s be honest, the Nordics are design masters. Classic, minimalist and timeless designs that quite simply are breathtaking. Scandinavian designs have been replicated for decades in homes across the world and now it’s time for our littlest loves to enjoy this trend. Nordic design is all about whites, warm woods, natural light and décor that oozes practicality. Add your individuality with geometric patterns, interesting focal pieces and contrasting textures in the soft furnishings. The trick to mastering the crisp Scandi look is to keep clean lines and ensure anything added to the room compliments and adds to the space. They are beautiful because they are simple, clean, uncluttered and usually have a minimal palette of mainly white, grey and woody tones (and maybe a bold accent colour like yellow, black or teal). It’s the perfect gender-neutral option and the BEST option for those of us who like order, clean lines and simplicity.


Natural & Earthy

It’s not new, but it’s here to stay for a little longer that’s for sure! Rich caramel and terracotta tones, raw wood & rattan items and boho inspired accent pieces are still incredibly on trend. What’s cool about this trend is that it’s evolving, it’s starting to take more of softer side. The browns are more muted, there’s pops of light blush or a creamy beige here and there, even vintage lace details look great in here. The trick with this theme is KNOW your colour scheme and stick with it. A mood-board is a great way to ensure you get the exact look you are after, without investing up front. We offer complimentary mood-board service if you just want some help working out the perfect colour combination. One last tip for this trend – Is have a HERO item, like a bed, a wall, a chest of drawers or even an art-work that represents exactly what you are going for and this will become your anchor piece, your north star for all your design decisions.


Global Jetsetter

Ok, with travel off the table for most of us for the foreseeable future why not bring the world to them! Map Decals, cute adventure details, like Hot Air Balloons, Planes, Binoculars etc can transform rooms into adventurous wonderlands. We suggest creating “zones” for this trend to really take flight [see what we did there 😊]. Add a reading nook with comfy chairs or bean bags and soft, lush furnishings, a cute activity station with bold earthy colours, a travel journal, World Maps and a Globe so they can plan and document their next big journey. This is a really fun trend, you can dial it up or down as much as you like. We think Navy, Teals, Light blues and Tan Browns are the perfect palette for this theme – so have some fun with it. Oh and don’t forget, every little adventurer needs a really cool hat to look the part!



Love the idea of stepping back in time when you enter your little one’s nursery – the beautifully intricate and ornate designs that instantly evoke a sense of nostalgia and luxury. Vintage is still on trend, old is still new. But when people think vintage, they think antique and therefore expensive but it doesn’t have to be. A few great little vintage pieces and your nursery can absolutely achieve that yesteryear glam you’re are after. Simple things like vintage doorknobs and/or tie backs for curtains add a sense of old-world charm instantly. Doilies and small vintage lace pieces draped over lamps or on furniture are a great way to add a sense of the past without blowing the budget. Chandeliers or statement lights are also an easy way to add that luxury vintage feel to any room, if you can stretch the budget a little further.


Embrace Hygge (hoo-ga)

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfort blended with the feelings of wellness and contentment. Sounds pretty good right! Now let’s be clear, Hygge is not a new trend but the focus on enjoying the simpler things of life have really come back to surface since the COVID pandemic of 2020. Never before have we had to find so much (continual) comfort in our homes, lockdowns have forced us all to try make our homes spaces we are content to be in. So embrace Hygge, add some super cozy elements to your nurseries (and home). Chunky blankets or throws, cute little snuggle nooks for downtime or playtime or reading that special bedtime story. Simplify your design approach, (think Scandi style previously mentioned) and keep items that add a sense of calm, less of the cliché items and more about creating an environment that brings you and your family joy!


Smokey Blue & Grey Hues

When you think of Blue, most people associate it with boys. And whilst a beautiful blue palette will always be a popular choice for baby boys, the sophisticated smokey blues are really gorgeous for either gender. The smokey blues can range from moody teals to steel greys and they are so versatile and on trend in a BIG WAY. Add a blush pink or crisp white accents to make the room feel more feminine or keep the deep, sultry blue tones going with a splash of Navy or emerald green for the boys. Feature walls or statement pieces in smokey blues will also add the calmness and serenity of the room – and, let’s face it, we could all do with more calm after the chaos that was 2020.


Statement Lighting

Light is powerful, mesmerizing and absolutely can set the vibe of any room and this is no different for nurseries! Statement Pendant Lights are a HUGE trend at the Moment. Whether they are Beaded, Rattan or some other handcrafted beauty – It doesn’t matter. Go big, go bold, even go with colours that stand out as the central focal point in the room!

Just have fun with it! Designing their nursery is one of the best things about getting ready for your little one to arrive and we’d love to help you create the perfect nursery with you. So get in touch if you want some design tips or help!