Kid’s room décor ideas

Ok, so there’s so many options out there for Kid’s room décor and it can be really overwhelming to pick what you want in your children’s room. Well, we thought you might like to hear from us some of the best Kid’s room décor ideas we have seen this year.


The first step is to pick your theme. If you and/or your little like mermaids, animals, fairies or trucks then go with one that appeals you. It’s more than likely you will keep this décor until they either grow out of it or you’re looking for a change. With that in mind the use of removable wall decals can be a great idea as you can change the theme by just removing/ moving the wall stickers – so so simple!


Some of the themes we are seeing currently are;


Once you have your theme, then choose a colour palette. We recommend doing a mood board to give you an idea of what you like. This all may seem like overkill for a Kid’s room but, I promise, it will make your life easier if you some planning up front. With colours, think it’s best to stick with 3 or 4 and choose a warm or cool base as your colour selection. For example, warm reds don’t go great with cool yellows usually.


Great… you have your theme, you have your colours, now the really fun part begins – picking the décor items! If you aren’t changing the bed or furniture, then start there as your inspiration. Example if you have a rattan headboard then you are probably best to go with the boho or scandi style. But if you have a bright coloured fabric headboard, then use this as your base and have fun with it. If you have an ensemble bed, then you can do anything with that. This is where your mood board really comes into play, as you will quickly see what items go with what, and what doesn’t.


You might want to pick something that’s on trend right now, like loft beds or bold colours, or maybe you prefer something more neutral and timeless, like a simple white or grey base and dress it up with colours they love - pink/ purples for girls & blue/ greens for the boys. Sometimes the neutral base option can be the easiest and it also allows for décor changes easily as you just change a few pieces to transform the room easily and more cost effectively too.


We hope you found some inspiration in this blog to


Another great tip we see is to choose a statement piece. This could be as simple as a cool chair or something a little more elaborate like a chandelier in your colour scheme. I find letting your little one choose something (within budget) that they like is a great way to include them in the design process. If your kids are older get them to help you as much as you/they like.


It’s also a really good idea to ask yourself this, are you trying to create a place for relaxing and chilling out or do you want this room to be multi-purpose where you need a place to study or are you trying to create something whimsical and full of adventure evoking items. There’s no right or wrong here, just have fun and don’t overthink it too much, this should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.


There are some must have items (in our opinion) that need to be in kid’s rooms;


We hope you found some Kids room décor ideas and inspiration in this blog helpful to get you started bring to life a really great space you will all love.