Kid's bedroom trends

Kid’s rooms are often the most exciting and fun rooms in our homes to decorate. Whether it’s a blank canvass or a quick update, knowing what’s on trend can really help us to plan a room that’s going to be really fabulous for your children.


The first (AND MOST IMPORTANT) thing to be sure you incorporate the things/ themes your child is loving into their rooms, regardless of age if they like what’s in their spending time in there will be easy (well, easier 😊). Kid’s rooms, unlike Kitchen and Bathrooms etc, often change as our kids grow as their likes and dislikes also change. With this in mind we highly recommend choosing items that are replaceable without too much hassle or cost.


Ok so you’ve got the theme sorted – this might be as simple as the preferred colour or maybe it’s adventure or a beautiful princess haven or something more sophisticated for our older children – now it’s the fun part, picking the items that best represent this theme. A mood-board is a really easy tool to visualise what will go great in a room and whether you are achieving the look you’re after. Just because it’s your child’s choice of theme doesn’t mean it has to be gaudy or over the top and packed with every possible item that fits that theme. We think it’s really important (and helpful) to choose a few statement pieces and work back from them. Whether it’s a reusable Wall Décor, a cool Custom Chandelier or even a Canopy in the colour they love – once you’ve chosen this “hero” piece many of the other decisions are really easy to make.

So, what’s on trend this year? In saying this, on trend or not you (and your child) have to like/love it. We think including your children in the design process can really help them adjust to their new surroundings a bit easier. It might be a “big girl” room transition or a teenager’s retreat, it doesn’t matter what age they are, if they can talk and have interests, they can help you design their room. We highly recommend not being a slave to the trends but use them as inspiration if/when you want to.


In 2022 one of the key kid's bedroom trends is to bring the outdoors in. This is actually a relatively easy one to achieve. For babies and younger children, it could be as simple as a safari room or a whimsical adventure space to ignite their imagination. We love our Decorative Balloon collection to help bring something special and unique to a space. For our older kids, you might choose a botanical wall mural or print and/or add some greenery with a plant that they can help look after.

 Safari Vibes

The team at Happy Linen Company from the UK say, “The educational benefits of this trend are plentiful as a bedroom that incorporates animals into its interior design will inspire stories and encourage young children to expand their vocabulary in those early stages of speech development2“.


Another kid's bedroom trend we are seeing emerge is the incorporation of digital and interactivity in our kid’s bedrooms. It’s 2022 and like it or not digital isn’t going anywhere and in-fact many educational experts talk about the benefits of allowing to engage with digital resources (within reason) in their home environment. Children who know their way around the digital landscape productively (and safely) might actually be at an advantage to those children who do not. Look, we are not saying here to let them have screen time constantly and without boundaries, but allowing them to engage with some digital tools might be ok. The important thing here is to decide what works for your family and stick to it3.


Simple ways to use tech in rooms without putting iPads and Laptops in their hands might be to try implement interactive interiors like Glow in the Dark bedding or lights. You can even get interactive glow in the dark pillowcases4 – cool huh?


Another thing that is really important in today’s world is sustainability, we are all trying to get the most out of items before they hit landfill. Items like reusable Wall Decals, reversible dual purpose linen or even second-hand items. Companies like Happy Linen state that 'Whether it's because parents are shopping with sustainability in mind or they're trying to make their pennies stretch further, interior accessories that are reversible or have dual purposes are a must-have for 2022,2

 Spring Fling Reusable Decal

So, last but not least and arguably one of the most important (and coolest) kid's bedroom trend for 2022 is to Bring the Classroom home! This trend is all about combining learning with play. It’s no surprise that many experts believe that play is a fundamental right of children and a prerequisite for healthy child development5. Even Jean Piaget (1896-1980), the influential Swiss child psychologist, famously said, “Play is the work of childhood”. Educational items in children’s rooms that are age appropriate can really increase the engagement our children have with their rooms. For younger Children – educational bedding, art prints or wall decals can really help solidify some key learning aspects. I’m sure we can all remember the alphabet and times table posters on the back of our toilet doors growing up? Well same principle just a different execution. For older children it might be inspirational quotes or posters pf their key interests, like science, art, music etc. It’s learning through osmosis really, a subliminal processing of information – cool concept hey!

 Alphabet Art Print

Well, that’s it from us for the moment and we hope you’ve enjoyed this blog if you’ve made it this far. We love keeping an eye on key trends and we will be sure to keep you updated as they change too!