Ignore the Haters!

At a function recently, I was talking to someone about Verde Baby. How it was going, how much time it took – you know the usual chit chat with someone you don’t know well. Then this person said something to me that I’ve pondered on since. They said they “couldn’t understand why parents went to such efforts to do up their children’s rooms’’ and “that it was clearly just parents competing with other parents for the most beautiful bedrooms”. An interesting comment to someone who owns a children’s décor business yes but, nonetheless, it made me sad. Not sad because I thought what she had said was true, the opposite actually. I was sad because she, who was also a mother, was judging other parents for something they had chosen to do for their children, with their money, because they wanted. Why do we do this? When we don’t understand or agree with something, why do people feel the need to express their opinion in a way that puts others down?

Well... we say F*@# that. It has got to be time that people, especially parents, especially women start to lift each other up and not look for ways to make others feel inferior. It feels so good to be kind, it feels so good to add to sunshine to someone’s day. We bought this business, just over a year ago, because we wholeheartedly believe that Childhoods are something very special. They can have such a profound impact on who we grow up to be and quite frankly – if, as parents, we want to add some magic and adventure to the spaces our kids spend the majority of their time in – then I’m pretty certain that’s (more than) ok.

AND… Let’s be honest, creating dream spaces is seriously, soooo much fun! This blog is dedicated to all those magical and glorious ideas we have seen since we became a part of this fantastical world of children’s décor!

The Princess Factor

This one has got to be a generation-after-generation favourite. Disney princesses have certainly been a mainstay in little (and many big) girl’s lives for a very long time, and we’re pretty certain that’s not going to change any time soon. Like it or not, most little girl’s dream about being Elsa or Anna or Cinderella or Belle. It’s rare they let the opportunity to don the ball gowns, gloves and glass slippers go by. It’s imaginative and fantasy play in its most purest of forms, and recreating some of this bibbidi-bobbidi-boo magic right in their own homes is a very popular choice for many parents. Whether it’s an indoor swing, a princess bed canopy, princess castle wall decals, fairy lights or gold-star bunting – the options are almost endless. This is one theme you can literally go crazy on – And ENJOY IT we say 😊  

Fantasy & Adventure

Whether it’s for boys or girls, for babies or toddlers or for big-kid rooms – Fantasy & Adventure will always be a popular choice and for good reason! Making bold and fun statements is really fun when you can choose between Hot Air Balloons, riding whales or woodland adventures – there’s unlimited possibilities to help make a bedroom or play-room an enchanted space.

Colour Overloaded

Choose their favourite colour and go-to-town with it! If it’s Emma Wiggle Yellow or Cinderella Blue or Lightning McQueen Red – when you’re a kid, you can never get too much of a good thing. Removable decals and wallpapers can make decorating easy and not permanent – in case their favourite colour isn’t always fluorescent green like the Hulk!

Playroom Extravaganza

Decorating and choosing a theme isn’t just for the bedroom. Play-rooms are often great options to style in fun and cheeky themes. Be bold with colour choices and add all their favourite things. Reading nooks and activity stations with times-tables, alphabet cards and books, lots and lots of books, are all perfect accessories in a play-room. Our tip is to choose the key items that will grow with them, like table and chairs, wooden blocks, kitchens and train sets, this way you’ll be able to keep the play-room relevant for years without having to redo it often.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears.. Oh My!

Animals for the win every time! All kids love cute elephants, tigers and bears! You could transform their room into an African savannah and have the BIG 5 right there in their bedroom to delight them every day. Whether you choose Safari Animals, Jungle Mayhem or a Woodland Wonderland there are so many incredible pieces to help you make this room everything you’ve (oh I meant they’ve) dreamt about. Two-toned walls or bold and daring wall-papers are an easy option to take this theme to the next level. Best of all, you get to go shopping for cute little animals and accessories to match, like animal wall hangings! Oh... and why not add a “tarzan” indoor swing for the WOW Factor.


A little bit of EVERYTHING!

AND then sometimes you just can’t choose a favourite item, colour palette or theme because, well let’s face it, there’s just too many gorgeous things out there! Don’t overthink it, it doesn’t all have to match and some of the more eclectic rooms are our most popular ones. If you love the Llama and the fairies and the Alice and Wonderland look – do it! Your little one is certain to love it, and with lots of beautiful and fun pieces their little imaginations are bound to soar!


Just have fun with it!

Make it personal, add yourself into their spaces and share in the delight of what you’ve created. And if you need some help we are here if you ever want some styling tips, a mood board of all your favourites items. Don’t listen to the haters, we get one shot at this life, let’s make the most of it we say!