How to Decorate Your Baby Nursery

Many parents find it an exciting time to prepare for the birth of a baby by designing a beautiful nursery. However, it can also feel overwhelming – you might have many questions on your mind. What will I need? What will be the best for my baby’s development and safety? In this article, we’ll list our key tips on how to decorate your baby nursery.

What to buy for your baby nursery

A quality cot

Your baby will spend much of his or her time in the cot, so it’s worth it to invest in a quality piece. Make sure the cot meets Australian safety standards too. To create a cosy sleeping space for your baby, place a beautiful canopy over the crib. By making the sleeping space feel more sheltered, a canopy helps create a safe place for resting.

A rug

A beautiful rug will really help pull the nursery together! It’ll also be warm underfoot for midnight feeding and comfortable for the baby’s knees when the crawling stage begins. Just make sure it’s secured to the floor for safety. A padded playmat is a great alternative and adds a decorative touch too.


One thing that might surprise you in the first months after your baby is born is the amount of bedding you’ll go through! Make sure you have plenty of linen, blankets and other bedding on rotation. Choose 100% cotton bedding as it will be kind on the baby’s skin.


In the early months, your baby will spend long times lying on his or her back. A mobile over the changing table or the cot will keep your baby stimulated and entertained.

Must-have practical setups

There are a few key areas that will make life so much easier with a newborn. Make sure you have these practical setups in place before the baby is born, you can thank us later!


Make sure the nursery can mimic night-time at any time of the day to make it easy to get that all-important sleep. Mid-day naps give the parents the chance to take a break too!

Invest in at least the following:

  • Dimmable lights – you will not want to turn on a bright light in the middle of the night!
  • A nightlight by the nursing chair
  • Blackout curtains/blinds to keep the room cool and dark any time of the day

Nursing station

A comfortable chair for feeding is a must-have piece in any nursery. Choose a chair that can have a place elsewhere in the house when the baby grows, such as an elegant rocking chair. The movement of the rocking chair will help you lull the baby to sleep. Look for durable and easy-to-clean fabric, but don’t forget that your comfort is key. Think armrests for your tired arms!

A side table or a flat-top bookcase by the nursing chair ensures everything you need is close by while feeding or taking a nap together. Think a water bottle, a cup of tea, your favourite book… Not to talk about a nightlight you can switch off easily once the baby drifts asleep.

Changing table and sanitation station

One of the most important setups to get right in the baby’s nursery is the changing table. Changing dirty diapers is nobody’s favourite pastime, but you will be doing it lots, so you might as well make it as easy as possible! You can either choose a freestanding changing table or a changing pad that can be secured to the top of a dresser. Make sure there are drawers underneath to store nappies, baby wipes, ointments and more.

Ample storage

Once you have your baby, you’ll quickly notice how stuff builds up! From toys to books and clothes, practical storage for all the baby’s things is a lifesaver. Wall baskets and loose baskets work as a beautiful décor feature as well as a practical storage solution.

Deciding on a theme

There are so many themes and colour palettes to choose from when deciding on a theme for your nursery! The key tip would be to pick your textiles first before painting the walls to ensure everything goes together. Colourful items will build up in your baby’s nursery over time, so you might want to opt for neutral or muted colours on the large surfaces.

Choosing neutral colours doesn’t have to mean the room will be boring. With a neutral foundation, you can bring the room to life with art prints, wall decals and colourful toys.

While you might feel a bit overwhelmed about how to decorate your baby nursery, it should also be a fun time! Best of all, it helps you to mentally prepare for the arrival of the baby. As a final tip, always go for quality, versatility and longevity. If you’re planning to have multiple children, high-quality pieces can be used again and again and even passed down for future generations. Happy decorating!