European Trends this Winter

So, as we cool down in the Southern Hemisphere, our European friends have just come our of their cooler months. We get messages regularly asking about European trends and styling ideas, so, we thought maybe quick article on what trended this Winter in the Northern Hemisphere! Essentially what we are seeing is that people are having a bit of fun with “maximalist design” as minamilism takes a back seat. And with a 5,000 per cent increase in searches for 'maximalist interior design' over the past 12 months, it's set to become a major 2022 trend***


To summarise some trends remain (like earthy and natural tones) and some are brand new (like “old millennial” style, which we will cover later one in this article). We will also try help you find items that fit these Winter 2022 Euro Trends! It’s also important to state that we (Tamara & Alyssa) are not trained interior designers, we just keep a close eye on what’s trending, here and across the globe and this article (like all our blogs) is based on our research and interactions with our incredible customers – so, in a way, you guys have “written” these blogs too!


Earth, Natural Tones


Definitely not new and really not surprising to see it within the top décor trends for Winter 2022, what we are seeing though is surge in deeper, richer tines like turmeric, cinnamon & burnt orange. And for kids this trend can absolutely be incorporated easily, there’s lots of wall decals and cushions that can help bring this style to life throughout your home. Even some of the newer Decorative Balloons would look great in this style – Like Tan & Beige, Burgundy and the Blue & Beige options.


Grand “Old Millennial Style”


Seriously, what does this even mean, and I’ll be honest I had to look it up. This is all about Vintage Sophistication. Adding antique pieces & statement items to a room (like our Beaded Chandeliers) will really dial up that old school charm. This is a style that can be fun for those of us who like a bit of personality in their spaces. Look for that reclaimed furniture and some rustic touches to really make this a perfect trend for this winter. The great thing about this trend is that it can be achieved by a few pieces, doesn’t require altering the walls or structures, so you can play with this and not limit your ability to change the style in the future!


Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics


This is all about creating cosy spaces you want to chill and relax in. Inviting nooks within a space that feel indulgent calm but still luxurious. You can’t this one wrong, start with a mood board and think about the textures that you love. You can layer here like crazy – lush fabrics like velvet, mohair, wools and linens would be amazing in here and its style you can easily incorporate into your living rooms or bedrooms (especially the main bedroom/ boudoir).


Let’s get into Shape


And this is not about those winter kilos that always seem to creep in over the cooler months, this trend is all about celebrating natural curves, fluid lines and circular shapes. Like all new trends, start small with pieces you can easily change/ swap out. A light fixture, circular wall decals and if you have money to spend – couches, bed heads and circular rugs are right on trend this year.


Indoor Greenery


Not a new 2022 trend but an extension (even a ramping up) of the use of plants and greenery in rooms. So, you might not want plants/ dirt in your kids’ rooms (unless they are high and out of reach of little fingers.


Seventies are back baby!


Trends usually always make a come back, you only need to walk down the street to see mullets, fluoro clothes to know this. We saw scalloped edges and nostalgic 70s design (that make our parents/ grandparents reminisce). Geometric prints, curvaceous furniture, velvets with brass and glass finishes this totally groovy trend – “yeah baby”


Which colours made the cut?


I can almost see the eyeroll now but stick with me. It’s a huge new trend in the fashion world and European design often mimics the catwalks and Lilac is no exception. Now Lilac may not be for everyone but for those your bold enough to try it, a few pieces first will allow you to “test the waters” first. Lilac throws, cushions, lamp shades etc – are all inexpensive options to trial any new trend without diving in too far you can’t see the forest for all that purple.


With Pantone releasing its colour of the year – Very Peri** we are guaranteed to see more purples hot the décor stores very soon.



Monochrome still has a place!


Good news for the black, white, and grey lovers – This trend is evolving into a more contrasting glamourous look. Cool black/ grey seats paired with White circular rugs and funky lighting options will give your home the real WOW factor this winter.


Fresh, Clean Pastels



This trend is such a great one for kids bedrooms or playrooms and we’ve some pretty great examples of these from Verde Baby customers already this year (see below from Holly at – our customers are often ahead of the trends we see come out of Europe! The idea here with pastels (especially opposing ones like pinks with blues/greens) is to make the room to feel upbeat and mood-boosting – a happy place that encourages a really positive vibe – that’s why its such a popular option in playrooms as it could also help ignite imaginations. Our Decorative Balloon collection are perfect in these rooms, and with lots of pastel and colourful options – this is trend you can really have fun with! Also check out the new 2022 Pastel Canopies



 Use them all with Colour Blocking



What we are seeing emerge as a VERY BIG trend is the more use of bold and fun colours, this year it’s time to inject that quirkiness and have fun with colour. Colour blocking is another way to have fun with colour but it’s more for the “brave hearted” as it really does require some commitment to get it right. Think walls, light fittings, skirting boards – ALL IN THE SAME COLOUR that’s not white, as this style works best with steely blues, mossy green, mustards and/ or terracotta pinks – or a combination of them all. This is a fun style and one the whole family can be involved in – you could even let everyone to pick a favourite colour from a board of (pre)selected colours.


But what’s OUT for 2022


A generalised list from my research is below of the trends we will see less of in 2022!

  1. Exposed Brick is moving over for wallpaper, boards/ batten & geometric shapes
  2. Macrame is a little too niche and has given way for softer options like chunky knitted throws
  3. Floating Shelves is making way for bookcase/ more functional shelving as we WFH more
  4. Glass Bricks is gone and replaced with sleek glass panelling
  5. Open floor planning has given way to functional spaces


In summary, we see functionality as a focus return to interior design with as the last two years have changed people’s perspectives on what’s important. Add to this that people have realised that interior decor influences our mood and overall well-being. What interior design can do is create the ability to create an energy in our surroundings. Therefore, interior decor is in focus again, driven mainly by us spending more time in our homes and with that people are wanting, almost expecting their spaces to bring warmth, comfort and calmness to their homes and their lives.


Have and happy decorating!



Tamara & Alyssa

Verde Baby 



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