Easter Ideas 2023

It feels like we finish one “event” and the next one is straight upon us. Easter is more than 3 months after Christmas but, to me anyway, it feels like Christmas finishes and Easter begins within a millisecond. You only have to go to the supermarkets on Boxing Day to see exactly what I mean. Shelves flooded with Hot Cross Buns, Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies.


As consumers, I find this a little overwhelming at times and not to mention the cost of it all. With the cost of living increasing at a rate of knots that most of us can’t keep up with and the recent (and ongoing) increases in Mortgage rates is terrifying to many of us, so the idea of spending at Easter might seem out of reach. I know we, at least, will be cutting back a lot this year. Easter PJs, some eggs for an egg hunt and maybe an easter basket if I can find one that’s really good value and one that also doubles as something useful after Easter – Like a bike basket or a keepsake basket to keep some special items in.



There are some of us who are lucky enough to be planning Easter on a less restricted scale and we thought it might be fun to list a few of the Easter Ideas 2023.


Let’s break this down by age to make it more relevant and easier to read.


For our littlest ones (under 12m):

It needs to be simple. Soft plush toys are a great idea and when you get it right they could become very special toys for many years to come. My girls love their pink and blue Jellycat Bunnies (creatively named “Pink Bunny” & “Blue Bunny”) and they still sleep with them every night and they’re 5 and 6 now. They’re really easy to handwash and dry in the sun so they remain soft and fluffy (I put a cap full of softener when I hand wash them to help keep with soft)

Another idea for little ones is to curate an Easter basket. Our tip, stay away from hard wicker or plastic as they’ll no doubt try to chew them, so it might be best to go soft. I’ve found some really nice ones at discount stores and even grocery shops have them on occasion.

But if you don’t want the hassle of making one up then there’s lots of pre-made options out there. I found this one that I thought was pretty cute on amazon.com.au (not affiliated with us in anyway).


Keep it simple, keep it soft, keep it interactive!


For the Cheeky Ages (1-4yo):

By this age many of our bubs enjoy being read to and there’s some really sweet books that usually make our Easter reading list (good thing about books is that you can read them over and over again and don’t really need to buy more each year if you don’t want to). Check out those pop-up books stores in shopping centres where you can pick up a bargain for $5-7 usually.


Our go to books are:

  1. Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney
  2. Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (of course)
  3. We are going on an Egg Hunt by Martha Mumford
  4. Grug’s First Easter by Ted Prior

I would think most bookstores and even Kmart/Big W would have great specials Easter books at the moment.

 If you want to splurge, then the entire Beatrix Potter collection is pretty special and years full of reading and fun.

Another idea for this age group is to start some traditions of your own. We do PJs and egg painting every year. I usually get my PJs from Kmart (or the like. We have no affiliation with Kmart etc). We do Summer PJs at Christmas too in our Christmas Eve box and winter PJs for Easter. We really like traditions, as I think repetition creates memories and we really try to make these events, when we try to come together as an extended family as memorable as possible. We don’t go overboard, we just do a few small things every year and my hope is that our girls enjoy them and maybe take on their own family traditions if/when they have a family.


For the early school-aged kids (4-10yo):

For us, this is where we want to really cement our family’s traditions. By now, they’d be getting their winter PJs at Easter and maybe a book every year. They’re a little bit older too, so maybe (just maybe) they might be able to look after things a bit better (wishful thinking in our household that’s for sure). But in the next year or we’re going to invest in some quality personalised Easter Baskets that, like our Christmas stockings, so we can pack them up and bring them out for Easter each year.


There’s so many online, especially on Etsy but these have to my favourite (again no affiliation with us, I just love them).



Ok, so now for the more challenging ages – the TEENAGE years.


I think, for all things at this age, it has to be on trend. I got (in fact still do) Easter PJs every year. In fact, we all looked forward to getting our winter jammies every year so much. As they get older, and they’re not growing every minute so you can (should you be able to) splurge a bit more on quality PJs that they might have for a few years. We never bought good PJs for them when they were little as they usually grew out of them before the season had finished. But, as teenagers that’s less of an issue. So, if you’re budget stretches a little you might want to look at Peter Alexander (not affiliated either) they usually have really cool Easter designs to choose from and this year’s range is no exception with their BIG NIGHT IN COLLECTION! I think these would pass, even with fussy Teenagers!


For us Big Kids:                                                                                            

Well, the kiddies can’t have all the fun  can they and Yes! I’m still harping on about PJs. I have a slight (alright large) obsession with PJs. I don’t think you can really get enough PJs, my husband vocally disagrees LOL. Right now I’m crushing on Gorman https://gormanshop.com.au/collections/pyjamas and Ginger Lily https://www.gingerlilly.com.au/ as I love their colours and they’re great quality that you’ll have for years and years, which as money gets tighter this is very important.

 And if you love the print so much, you might even be able to get matching Bed Linen - I know right!

And last, BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST. It doesn’t matter what age you are, Easter is a time for some indulgence, and there’s always plenty of chocolates around at Easter time and even when our kids were little we let them sample some chocolate. In fact, one of my favourite photos of our youngest daughter is her first easter as she devoured an egg (and yes, she’s still this messy 5 years later – send help!).  My absolute FAVs are Raffello by Ferrero Rocher - OMG they're insane! Available at most food stores thankfully :)

Our Little Choc Monster



From our family to yours, however you spend it we hope you all have the best Easter possible. Enjoy the break and with COVID not taking over our lives as much, we hope you get some quality time with your families (whatever that looks like for you)! Hop you enjoyed our Easter Ideas 2023 Blob!


As always, thanks for reading 😊