Bed canopy for double beds

One of our most asked questions is “do our (Spinkie Baby) canopies fit over double or queen beds?”

Dreamy Canopy and Double Bed


In short yes! But there are ways to optimise the look and feel.


First, know your ceiling heights

This one is essential. Do you have standard ceilings or is your ceiling higher? Once you know this, then it’s time to decide on a bed canopy style (oh… the fun part).


Second, what size bed are you wanting to use it for?

Single or King Single are fine with all the canopies we stock and can also fit over larger beds if you just lower the ribbon loop (where you hang it from) with some nylon string you can still achieve that long flowing look even with the Dreamy Canopies.


With Double or Queen beds we usually recommend the botanical, sheer or princess canopies as these are longer than the Dreamy canopies (full measurements further below).


Botanical Canopies

Some other important questions…

Ask yourself…

  1. Do you have a theme? (Princess, adventure, glamorous, minimalist, safari etc)
  2. Do you have a colour palette you are working work? (Blues, pinks, neutrals?)
  3. Do you like big, extravagant canopies? Or are you liking the more sleek and classic lines? Try find some images you have liked?
  4. Budget – at the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you want to spend too. There are plenty of copies online and we deal with many disappointed customers that come to us after they’ve been disappointed with an inexpensive copy. It’s a true saying, that you get what you pay for and with canopies, it’s our experience that this is true. Going with original brands, like Spinkie Baby, that are tried and tested, and quality is always ensured will guarantee you aren’t disappointed when it arrives, it also means that the product will last for many years to come.


Do you want matching or complimenting accessories?

This one really comes down to your theme/ look and feel you’re looking to achieve. If you want to keep it simple and let the bed canopy speak for itself then you might not want any canopies. If you’re after something a little more glamorous then you might want to add some garlands (we recommend no more than 3 as they might weigh the bed canopy down otherwise). Sets of 3 garlands is by far the most cost-effective way to buy them. There’s also mini pom-garlands and star garlands – these come in different shades so you can pick the perfect one for your room

Canopy & Garland Sets

If you’re wanting to go all out and totally dress up the space (probably more for girl’s room tbh), then you can add cushions and pillowcases in matching/complimenting colours too. We have lots of gorgeous example of these accessories on our Instagram page ( )

 Bow Cushion and Dreamy Pillowcase

The other thing to consider is timings. All Spinkie items take up to 6 weeks to arrive (especially as we see shipping delays continue).


So here are the Canopies we stock and their measurements.

NB All canopies are approx. 60cm diameter.

  • Dreamy Bed canopy – 238cm long. This is the most popular canopy and where it all started. It's classic but luxe design and a wide range of colours make this canopy an easy choice! Available in 11 colours.
  • Butterfly Dreamy Bed canopy – 238cm long. These are the new design for 2022 and essentially are the dreamy canopies (above) but they have lots of beautiful butterflies attached to them in matching tones. Available in 4 colours.
  • Botanical Bed canopy 274cm long. This one is our boho/ vintage babe. With a lace fringe this canopy does best in moody, scandi vibes and goes perfectly in rooms where you want te canopy to be a feature but not take over the room. Available in 3 colours.
  • Sheer Bed canopy – 274cm long. Minimalist is the best to describe this canopy. Popular in boy's rooms and comes in beautiful neutral and tradition "boy's" colours. Available in 10 colours.
  • Princess Bed canopy – 290cm long. This canopy is certainly the royal one amongst all of our canopies. She's the longest and most extravagant canopy we stock. if yore after the "WOW factor" then this is the canopy for you! Available in 6 colours.

 Pink Princess Canopy

Ok, let’s wrap this up

  • Got your ceiling height and you know which bed canopy style/length you are after
  • Got your theme sorted and you’ve narrowed down the canopies based on this
  • Got your colours sorted and you’ve picked the colour (we can always help with this)
  • Got your accessories (or not) sorted to compliment the above points
  • Everything is within budget
  • YOU ARE READY to Place your order 😊


Need more help, let us create a mood board for you so you can visualise your room better (for free).


Free Mood Board Service


Thanks for reading and, as always, please reach out to us at or DM through Instagram (link above).