Baby Announcement Ideas, let the fun begin!

It’s one of the most exciting parts of a pregnancy – announcing it to your family and friends. Baby announcements, of recent times, have become an event in their own right. The creative possibilities that social media afford us have enabled many parents-to-be to announce the future arrival of their littlest love(s) with a bang. And why not, for many of us becoming parents is the biggest transition in our lives.

Here are some super fun ideas that we loved to help you get extra-creative with your baby announcement!


Using the Sibling Card

What’s cuter than a big brother or sister-to-be pic? Whether it’s a “Promotion”, “Only Child Expiry Date” or a “New Best Friend” coming, we think using siblings to announce a new pregnancy is one of the sweetest ways. And you’ll always have a photo or video that included them to look back on.

pregnancy announcement funny
pregnancy announcement


The Humourous Angle

This is an increasing trend, and we love it. Creating a giggle along with the excitement is a great way to announce to the world that you’re expecting. Some of the most memorable pregnancy announcements are those that made people laugh. And it’s more likely to get shared too 😉

pregnancy announcement ideas nintendo


Everyday Items

Shoes, safety pins, bottles/ cups – there’s inspiration all around the house to make a pregnancy announcement that will be guaranteed to stand out. People love to see cute and creative ways to use everyday items, especially in pregnancy announcements. Some of the most viral baby announcements are the ones that use the simplest of items in really fun ways.


The Cute Factor

Babies are cute…. So why shouldn’t their baby announcement be cute too? Baby items and décor (like Balloons) and cute play on words can make great ideas for baby announcements. It’s the one time in our life that you’ll never be able to go overboard on the cuteness factor.


pregnancy announcement cute baby shoes
cute pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement


Pulling the Heart Strings

For many of us, getting pregnant, starting (or expanding) a family is not an easy journey. And when the road has been bumpy some people like to acknowledge how special and meaningful being pregnant is to them, and why not? A heartfelt baby announcement is a lovely way to connect with the people who have probably supported you in your journey and it will be certain to bring you many happy memories in years to come when you look back on your baby announcement. No clichés here, just gratitude and joy.

touching pregnancy announcement
Pregnancy announcement


The Fur-Baby Effect

For many, before human babies we had fur babies. These fur babies are a member of our family and adding a new [human] sibling to mix is a transition in itself. Using pets in baby announcements is a great way to tell your loved ones that your family is growing, in the two-legged department. Get creative and have fun with pet baby announcements, use an aspect of your pet’s personality to make even more personable and meaningful.

pregnancy announcement dog
Hilarious pregnancy announcement


The Artsy Vibe

On trend announcements in-line with Baby décor trends, home décor trends or using art and craft to tell the world you’re expecting is growing in popularity. Whether it’s a special doll or plush toy, a cute wicker item or a sketch, artistic announcements will certainly be a bit of fun to do. Grab your bestie, rope your hubby in, and play with photos, flat lays and change up the filters for special effects.

pregnancy announcement paper clips
pregnancy announcement


For the Grandparents

This can be one of the most special times in your pregnancy. Telling your parents that they’re going to be parents is often one of the most memorable moments in life, it can be very emotional and most of want to delight our parents with our news. Using cute plush toys, tiny onesies or even positive pregnancy tests are fun ways to tell grandparents-to-be that their lives are about to change forever 😊


Pregnancy announcement baby onesie


So many options, these are just a few of our favourites. Get creative, we love seeing your pregnancy announcements. And why not tag us? You never know, we might have a special little something for your little bundle-to-be.