2022 - What's In, What's Out & Why!

2022, The year of CALM!

We take a moment to check out what’s in and what’s on its way out!


There is more and more research that shows the direct influence that our homes have, not only on our moods, but our overall health and well-being,” interior designer Timothy Corrigan of Timothy Corrigan Inc. told Vogue in January 2022. As we enter “our third consecutive year in a global pandemic—the top interior design trends are again focused on making us feel emotionally at ease?”


Never before have we had to spend SO MUCH time in our homes. “Being home” has a whole new meaning these days, with many of us enduring numerous (and lengthy) isolation periods – our homes have had to become our sanctuaries in a sense and what we are seeing is people are putting more time creating spaces that put us at ease, emotionally. Functionality is no longer the number one priority, but how we feel in our homes is!


It’s no secret that we have all been forced to slow down, we are spending (much) more time with the people we live with, and we are all trying (our very best) to enjoy this time with each other as much as possible. The number one word we keep finding that “pops up” is calm. Creating a sense of calm in our spaces – for big and little people alike – is paramount today. The challenge is finding what makes YOU feel at ease and calm and then have some fun with it!


If we look at the aggregate trends, earthy browns and terracotta’s are increasing in popularity, and we are starting to see softer furnishings really start to take pride of place in newly styled rooms. Curved surfaces, nature inspired accents and surfaces, like woods and marble, are all becoming central aspects to interior design in 2022. The other cool trend lately is artisanal/ handmade objects that evoke an emotional response, experts say that “in 2022, we can expect to see people making considered investments in pieces to be treasured for a lifetime”. How exciting is that!


The other key difference these last few years is that our homes are more multi-purpose than they ever have been. We NEED to be able to function completely at home – We need to be able to work, home school our kids and live our day-to-day lives. These have all been fully assimilated and moulded into ONE, and we don’t see this changing any time soon. So, whilst functionality may be secondary to the “feel” of a space – being able to work and play in the same home is also essential.


One trend that seems to be disappearing (or at least decling) is the “all-white minimalism” focus that years ago was incredibly popular. When you’re at home 24/7 for weeks or even months on end, this just isn’t practical. Homes and spaces are going for a more natural vibe, choosing warmth over clean crisp lines and white accents.


Let’s summarise quickly!

What’s in for 2022!

  1. Soft earthy browns
  2. Nature inspired surfaces and textures
  3. Soft, curved surfaces and furniture
  4. Dual purpose rooms (more on this below)
  5. Bring outside in – not being able to get outside we have seen people bring their greenery inside


What’s looking like it’s no longer on-trend

  1. Open plan living – this is going to be a contentious one, let’s expand on it later
  2. Big boxy furniture – it’s time to get comfortable and inspire calmness
  3. Minimalism is less desired


Bye Bye Open Plan

Experts are now predicting that “Open floor plans will give way to more segmented and traditional spaces, delineations, as we have come to realise the need for privacy and quiet spaces”, this is even more apparent in homes that need to have work from home options. Rooms will be design with emotional feel in mind not just aesthetics and function, and that’s exciting because “Who wouldn’t want to design a room that feels like a warm hug?” What we saw is that “The pandemic solidified the need for separate rooms, especially when so many spaces need to double as home offices. For this reason, big kitchens that open up to the rest of the home are becoming less desirable”.  


Maximalist Design is IN: Less is finally Less

What we are seeing is people are bidding adieu to the Kim Kardashian inspired homes because less is finally less. Peti Lau of the New York Design Center says, “I think we will see less minimalist design in 2022 and more layered, modernist, maximalist design. A home should be a reflection of the people inhabiting the spaces and it should tell a story.” It’s time to bring personality back to homes and show people who we are through our spaces.


Essentially, it’s

  1. Comfort before aesthetic
  2. Quirky is cool, less is actually less
  3. Spaces that are Calm and peaceful & inspired by nature – feels like a warm hug!
  4. Multi-purpose spaces but OPEN PLAN is on its way out!
  5. Rooms reflect your personality, let then have a real sense of individuality.


Some contentious thoughts in here for sure, but that’s what the experts are saying! What we love is that there a real appetite to make rooms fit for purpose(s) and reflect us a people, we can let go of that crazy aim of the “perfect” home and no longer try to “keep up with the Kardashians” – literally! Let’s give ourselves a break from perfection and get back to doing it your way!


Have fun with it we say, be you and make your homes work for you and your family! At Verde Baby we are very proud to offer many collections that help you personalise spaces for big & little people!