Real talk: motherhood is hard

Happy Monday!

As many of you may be aware. The business has a new owner (me!!) and I am so excited I could pee myself (or maybe that is because I gave birth seven months ago!)

So I thought it fitting that I write a little spiel (is that how you spell it?) about me. I am Ann, I am a new(ish) mum to a seven month old, hence my crappy bladder control. I wake up every morning (after being awake most the night anyway) with no idea what will happen but I am so excited to go on this crazy ride and am so thankful you are here to join me. Oh and I have two adorable dogs (that's pretty important too). Photos to come (of the dogs, or my daughter). As mentioned I have probably slept a few hours and probably have vomit, pee, poo or a mixture of all three somewhere on my body.


To be perfectly honest with you, I never had strong intentions on being a mum, it was something that if it happened, it happened, but was by no means a certainty. Motherhood has certainly caught me off guard. It’s like nothing else, there is no guide, no manual and sometimes no correct or incorrect way.


I have never dealt with that before and really had trouble adapting. Everything prior to motherhood was so structured. I had routine, I thrive on routine, but now, there is just me, my baby and absolutely no structure. Everyone told me that it would come with time, but seven months has passed and nothing. Perhaps I am being impatient and need to allow more time. Perhaps I am being naïve and I need to wait another 18 years to get some routine going. But that is the thing isn’t it. You don’t really know. You just go about your day and hope what you’re doing is enough.


I am not complaining, I am very grateful to have a beautiful healthy baby. I am just keeping it real. I know so many mothers who pretend that everything is ok and life is great when deep down they are struggling. They feel like because they were blessed enough to be a mother they aren’t able to vent their frustrations. Eventually it just leads them into a deeper realm of depression.


I hope that any other mums who feel the same way I do read this and realise they are not alone. You are allowed to feel how you feel. It is valid and you should never feel otherwise.


If anyone has any suggestions on other real things they want me to write about, please let me know.


If anyone ever needs to talk my inbox is always open. No judgement, just love.


Thanks for reading.


Ann x